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Restore your body



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About Me


Hey, there! I became a certified fertility health coach after working as a birth and postpartum doula for many years. I was inspired to work in maternal health during my own experience having my daughter, Evie.


After hearing loads of my clients share their infertility stories with me, I knew more needed to be done to support others in their experiences trying to conceive.


Now, as a mind-body fertility coach, I help those struggling with infertility find joy in their lives again.


I believe that someday, somehow, you will be a parent if you want to be.

Work With Cassie

If you’re feeling…


⇒ Like TTC has taken over your life and you’re losing your mind


⇒ Alone


⇒ You’re doing everything right but nothing’s working


⇒ Overwhelmed by “all the things” you’re doing to get pregnant


⇒ Constant anxiety


⇒ Like getting pregnant may not happen for you




…then a fertility coach may be right for you.


fertility journey, power, support, believe in your power to take actionable steps in your fertility journey

What can I expect?

My 12-week mind-body program is modeled on a federally funded study, which showed that 55% of infertile people who met regularly in a Mind/Body fertility program conceived within six months after the program, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind/body techniques.


Holy Sh*t, right!?


Additionally, a similar program at the Domar Institute found that 50% of participants become pregnant within six months and experience reductions in anxiety and depression.


This is the power of a mind-body fertility program.


Restore your body

Find pleasure and connection in your body once again. What was your relationship with your body like before infertility? Release the tension, aches, and pains of chronic stress from infertility, and learn how to nurture yourself through fertility treatments.  Together we will work to heal your relationship with and restore your body for a healthy pregnancy.


Heal your heart

I don’t need to tell you how heart-breaking infertility is. Your heart carries this burden, but we can work toward making your heart feel less heavy. In our practice together, you will find resilience in moving forward and make room for joy in your life again.


Calm your mind

Infertility may feel like insanity, but you are not crazy for what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. You will conquer “what if” thoughts, anxiety, and overwhelm.  I’ll teach you how to quiet that voice in your head asking “Will it ever be my turn?” so you can finally hear your highest self and be free from the mental chains of infertility. 


If this sounds good to you, you can apply to work with me and schedule your free fertility consultation.

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